Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq “salsa”

I feel like if the FCC knew what I’m about to share, they’d require a public service announcement. Something like: Caution! These nachos may be habit forming. Because, um, they totally are. I made them last weekend as an experiment and–no joke–three bites in Jayce declared that they were, indeed, the world’s best nachos. In spite of the fact that Fridays aren’t a designated recipe sharing day here on The Spot, I had to push this post to the tippy top–you know, game day and all. And so, here you have it ladies and gentlemen, the Jayce-certified world’s best nacho recipe.

Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq "salsa"

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Behind closed doors :: the wiretap

We were going through our nightly routine. He was finishing up his teeth at the sink while I fired up the white noise machine on my side of the bed. “Tomorrow is Thurfry, wifentudenflorrick.” He said, a hint of singsong in his tone. “Woot woot husbandry!” I answered, full on singsong. Reading it in print might be a bit like trying to decipher Italian; you can pick up a clue here and there but you’re probably lost on … Continue reading Behind closed doors :: the wiretap

Creamy Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup made with real food ingredients

Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup

Is it cold where you are? Because–not to brag–but, um, as I write this it’s 73º at my house. The low tonight is going to be 50º though, so I am justified in posting a soup recipe today. It is, after all, January. Official soup appreciation month, or something like that. So today I want to share this yummy comfort food recipe with you. It brings slow-cooked chicken and sun-dried tomatoes together with whole wheat … Continue reading Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup

Sonoita, Arizona wine trail :: tips from a frequent visitor

Sonoita, Arizona wine trail :: tips from a frequent visitor

Visitors to southeast Arizona can count on us for two things: plentiful sunshine and really, really good authentic Mexican food. It may come as a surprise, then, that we can also boast being home to several wineries that produce award-winning wines. Arizona’s only official American Viticulture Area is located about an hour south and east of Tucson in what would otherwise be strictly a ranch town. The Sonoita/Elgin area is home to ten tasting rooms–some … Continue reading Sonoita, Arizona wine trail :: tips from a frequent visitor

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10 easy ways to say I love you in a lunchbox

Confession: one of my least favorite daily tasks is packing school lunches. I suppose if I were to just toss a Lunchable into an insulated bag it would be a lot easier. Oh, but we don’t that way ’round these parts so things get complicated. I will admit that I have more fun when it comes time to pack a special lunch, for holidays. I guess the festivity serves to get me out of my … Continue reading 10 easy ways to say I love you in a lunchbox

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