Where we shoot

I was in a meeting at work today and someone said, you don’t go huntin’ without knowing what to shoot. Great metaphor, right? It came back to me as I was pouring over these photos and trying to find word glue to hold them all together.

Is it just me, or do big life steps sometimes feel like going hunting without knowing what to shoot? Moving out on your own. Getting married. Buying a house. Having a baby. In each case, the end goal waves like a flag on a hilltop, but from a distance it’s not easy to see the path that gets you there.


He and I. We had this dizzy, rebel love. Think tilt-a-whirl and Hunger Games and whack-a-mole rolled into and fleshed out in two lives. Such steeply-stacked odds we faced, going in.

One of our first official steps was for me to meet his parents and I came away crushed. We were on a plane curled into each other on the way home and he took both my hands in his and he whispered, I just want to marry you right now. I wanted that, too. And so, practically, we did.

Early on, we were short on time. Already I had three babies and babies don’t wait.

Before I gave it to him, I had his wedding ring engraved with a surprise. All the time in the world, it promised, because finally it seemed we could stake that claim. But then, five weeks in, there came a call. He hung up and there it was: Iraq.

When he made it home from the other side of the world we were walking into the mall and a car backfired and he dropped to the ground, gun shy. He got over that part but I don’t think the two of us together have ever recovered from being so short on time. Our days and our hours and even our minutes pass slow when we’re apart and so we typically aren’t.

But life has this way about it. It seeps. It wears. It numbs ever so slight. Continue reading



I’ve mentioned a time or two that Iowa Girl Eats is my go-to for recipes. She’s all about the gluten free life but for those of us who consume all the gluten, her recipes are easy to normalize with traditional pantry staples. Anywho. She does a feature on her blog called Currently. In light of my recent efforts to return to front porch style blogging, I’m following her lead today. And so, without further ado, … Continue reading Currently



Last night we packed a cold pasta salad and drove down the street, pool noodles and towels in hand. We keyed in, chose a table and spooned dinner onto paper plates. And then we bowed our heads, giving thanks for the food but also for more. Nine months ago things were different. Nine months ago the sky was that eerie green and the heat pressed down, wet. There was just the stir of a wind. … Continue reading Miles



When I started Such the Spot in 2008, blogs looked a lot different. They were more like front porches and less like storefronts. I liked the porches better than I like the storefronts. I’m totally guilty of going storefront–not that I have anything to sell but for a time now I’ve published with more concern for ad/affiliate revenue and partnership opportunities than for storytelling. The problem with the storefront blog–for me, at least–is the lack … Continue reading Lately

Farmhouse style great room | Such the Spot

Farmhouse inspired great room tour

It has been nearly three months since we closed on this house. These three months have been packed solidly full of hustle and bustle. Not only are trying to get the rooms of our home put together, but we’re trying to do so while simultaneously contending with school schedules, soccer schedules and, oh yeah, the first job outside of the house I’ve held in 18+ years. No biggie, right? Wrong. Finally, though, I have a … Continue reading Farmhouse inspired great room tour


Color of a dream

His fingers inch across the space between until they find the small of my back. Like playing keys on a piano he presses and soothes–muscles stiff from sleep. Hazy gray light is heavy in our bedroom, and after nearly two months spent waiting for the window coverings to arrive, we’re thankful for the lingering dark on so lazy a Saturday morning. It’s the color of a dream in here, he says, in his scratchy, first-morning … Continue reading Color of a dream


First peek at the new house

Wow. What a month it has been. There’s nothing quite like a cross-country relocation and the subsequent settling into a new home to remind one of one’s age. Thirty-eight isn’t old but it feels that way when it wakes up after three long days of hauling boxes and furniture up and down three flights of stairs. There were a good few mornings there on which I woke up and could have sworn I’d been run … Continue reading First peek at the new house

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