How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves

Our formal dining room features a set of eight-foot floating shelves that I absolutely love. They provide a space for me to decorate for every season, adding a bit of charm and personality to an otherwise fairly sterile space. This year marks the first Christmas that I have, in my opinion, nailed the seasonal shelving décor. I opted to go with a shades of white theme and I could not be happier with the end result. Come along with me and take a peek.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot The lighting in this room makes it extremely difficult to get the quality of photos I aim for, but this shot offers an overview of what I’ve come up with. On the top shelf, you see four empty frames in various shades of white. My handy husband whipped those up for me in a matter of minutes. That’s one of the reasons I keep him around. I made a rag garland and strung it across the frames for texture. Here’s a closer look at that.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
Together with the shades of white, I included little splashes of silver here and there. You’ll notice it in the lantern I got from IKEA.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
And in the “JOY” sign I made using paper mâché letters I bought from JoAnn, a scrap of wood from the garage, some white burlap and silver glitter spray paint.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
I also combined some ornaments in containers we already had and used those in the display.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
I threw this wreath together in under twenty minutes. It’s just a grapevine wreath lightly spray painted silver. I stuck in some decorative picks that I bought at 70% off for a whopping 59 cents each.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot

A neighbor gifted us two of these super cute ceramic bowls that fit perfectly into my theme.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
The reindeer used to be metallic gold, but I gave him a shimmery new coat of silver glitter paint and fastened a white burlap bow around his neck.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot
As a finishing touch for the room, I hung greens with silver floral picks from the backs of our dining chairs and attached white burlap bows.

How to decorate for Christmas :: shelves | Such the Spot

And that, my friends, concludes our tour today. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my home!

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