Three Things You Need To Know


Miss Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife is hosting a new carnival.  Normally, I’m not so much a fan of carnivals (corn dogs aren’t my thing and toothless carnies sorta creep me out) but the theme for the housewife’s carnival is (drum roll please…) What I Learned This Week.  Seeing as how I’m a virtual fountain of knowledge I really can’t help but participate.  I wouldn’t, after all, want to deprive all of you from the benefit of knowledge passed along.

I learned three things.  One was virgin knowledge – something I’d been clueless about before.  One was reinforced knowledge.  And the last thing I learned was just plain painful.

The virgin knowledge?  Craigslist rocks.  Seriously.  It rocks.  I posted two ads yesterday morning around 10:30.  By the time my head hit the pillow last night I had traded out some junk from the garage for seventy smackaroos.  Yep.  SEVENTY.  Seventy bucks closer to the shiny new front load washer and dryer duo of my dreams ain’t bad for a days work.

Reinforced knowledge?  The law of equalization.  Okay, you got me.  I don’t really know if there is such a thing called the law of equalization.  There totally should be though.  It should read like this: When you think you’ve pawned off one of your children for a sleepover at a friend’s house, one of your other children will, without a doubt, ask to invite a friend for a sleepover.  Just when you think your household will run smoothly at slightly less capacity for the evening, you are reminded of the law of equalization.  Don’t be fooled.  There will be no slightly less capacity.  It’s a Jedi mind trick.

And as for that plain painful knowledge – be warned: a faux drawer (you know that drawer front thing that just clips into the cabinet to make it look like there’s actually a drawer there?), when pulled from its clasps by your toddler son and dropped from counter height onto your sock-clad big toe won’t actually break the bone.  It may chip a piece of aforementioned bone off and leave you wishing for actual breakage.  At least breakage heals.  Chipped bones?  No healing.  They just hang out and pierce the surrounding tissue each time you take a step.

Okay, okay.  You got me again.  I’m not a doctor.  Nor have I been examined by a doctor.  This toe though?  It feels like chipped bone.  Or maybe permanently indented bone.  Whatever.  The point is, it hurts.  I advise against faux drawer fronts.

Please.  Don’t keep the wealth to yourself.  Pass it along my friends.  Join the carnival and share the tidbits you picked up this week.  You’ll be glad you did.

11 Replies to “Three Things You Need To Know”

  1. Love how you presented your lessons. I still have a lot to learn about blogging.

    I’ve wanted to try CraigsList but am scared about who will actually show up. I’ve done Freecycle before but that’s stuff you give away. Sorry to hear about your toe…afraid there is nothing that can be done for even a break. Or at least that’s what my mom told me. That’s why I have a crooked 3rd toe. TMI?

  2. First, yes, Craigslist rocks. Last year I sold an entire set of dishes and bought a new set with the proceeds. Second, the law of equalization is so rude. And third, OW. Dang, girl. Just say no to false drawer fronts! Hope your toe feels better soon!

    And thanks for playing along. :-)

  3. OUCH!

    I’ll keep that sleepover wisdom in mind. Since my two girls are only one year apart most sleepovers include both of them, and my boys are not at sleepover age, yet. Still good to know though.

  4. Owww! As someone who broke a toe by inadvertantly walking into a wall (long, stupid story), I know how much that hurts. Try buddy-taping your big toe to the next toe. It might keep it more still (and comfortable for you).

    And your reinforced knowledge had me giggling. It’s kind of like a vaccuum –something must fill the empty space. Law of nature, right?

  5. Yep. Craigslist is awesome. Especially since everything is local. The “response time” is amazing.

    I hope your toe feels better…

  6. Great list! Sorry about your toe…also, we have been thinking about Craigslist for eventually selling my son’s furniture to get him a new set! That is definitely an endorsement! Thanks.

  7. Craigslist..maybe that is what I need to do with the mountain of items filling most of 3rd car section of our garage. Its growing by the minute…
    You are always so informative.

  8. All good lessons.

    The law of equalization is completely valid.

    The whole bone thing? Yeah, I cognate. I once dropped a full jar of pickles on my toe. Ow. I actually stuck my foot out to stop the pickles from hitting the floor and making a dent in my hardwood floor. I paid for that one. Couldn’t walk properly for two weeks.

    Craigslist? I’m with Jenny up there…always worried about who would show up at my door. But seventy bucks? Hmmmm….

  9. Ouch! Your poor toe…I pray it gets better soon. As for Craigslist…I love it. I have used it now for about a year. I love it because it’s FREE!

    I really enjoyed your list and your outlook on things:-)

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