The Upside of Pessimism

I tend to be a glass half empty kind of girl. 

Have you noticed?

Pessimism has it’s advantages, believe it or not. 

Perhaps it would be more accurate to make that singular.  As in advantage, because really, I can only think of one. 

I told you I was  pessimist.

The one advantage is that pessimists are never disappointed; we can only be pleasantly surprised. Such was the case for me when Jeff and I started a running program last week.  He downloaded a podcast that works us, slowly but surely, up to running a 5K.

It’s not that I’ve never ran before.  Last year I actually surprised myself by finishing a 5K.  Whats more is that I had planned to power walk the course but Torri and I ended up running the majority of the way.  

I’ve lapsed since then though.

So when Jeff and I hit the pavement that first day I swore I was going to die.  It hurt.  My knees ached, my Achilles somethingorother hurt, my back was tight and the experience as a whole was pure. misery.  And I made sure Jeff knew about it believe you me.

I think my body just wasn’t made to run.  You know how you can’t do Tae Bo?  Well I can’t run.  It hurts.  It’s not supposed to hurt is it?  Fatigue I can deal with.  Pain I can’t.  I think I’m more a power walking kind of girl.  Or aerobics.  I can do aerobics.  It might be okay if we didn’t have to run these dang hills.  This can’t be good.  Anything that hurts this much just can’t be good.  I’m not a runner.  Can we go home now?  Tomorrow you can run while I Wii fit.  Do you hear what I’m telling you?  I’m not a runner.  You?  You might be a runner.  Me?  NOT A RUNNER!

In other words, he knew my stance.

But he pushed.  And I acquiesced.  Begrudgingly.

We’re into our second week now.  You probably won’t believe this because I can hardly believe it myself.  Honest to goodness though?  Turns out I may have been a tad dramatic. 

This is not to say that I’m a runner.  I most certainly am not.

I can run however.  In short intervals.  Or in long races, apparently, should the opportunity present itself.

I just forget these things. 

The rediscovery is definitely a pleasant surprise though.

See?  Pessimism isn’t all bad.

20 Replies to “The Upside of Pessimism”

  1. I’m so proud of you! Now if only you could hit the EE 5K this year.

    I love to run! It’s been a long time since I could call myself an actual runner, but nothing beats that feeling. I hope to love it again one day soon.

  2. and this is the very reason that I tend to be a “realist”… lack of disappointment. Self protections. Blah Blah Blah… It’s not good…

  3. I’m glad you only paraphrased your complaints those first couple of runs…or else you would have bored everyone with 8 pages of reasons you can’t / shouldn’t run! :-)

    And just so everyone knows, you can most certainly run.

  4. Good for you! I’m in your boat. I like to work out and I do it regularly. But running? Not so much. I like the IDEA of running. But once I actually get out there, you’re right, it’s painful.

    My plan for killing off all this preggos fat once the baby comes is to sign up for a 5K race at the end of the summer or beginning of fall. That way I have all summer to train. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  5. Good for you for keeping at it. You know, stretching correctly and wearing good shoes can make a huge difference too. My husband had terrible shin splints until he got new shoes. Keep up the good work!

  6. direct me to this podcast – I am a Jeff Galloway running fan but I like to have company when I run. Not so good on my own. A podcast might be just the company I need to get my rear out there at 6 AM (consistently)!
    Running is awesome for your figure – only thing that has ever trimmed my hips and butt.

  7. I run in short spurts also. Run Walks are what I like to call them. when I feel like I am about to die, I walk. When I feel like I am on a stroll, I run.

  8. oh man good job. I seriously think I’m not a runner. but maybe that’s just because i can never try more than one time because i attempt to give up before death. thanks for the laugh this morning! :-)

  9. Okay, it sounds like you’re letting the endorphins do your talking now… Just back away slowly from the running shoes and don’t make any sudden movements. Don’t worry, I can talk you down from this…

    Just remember, running is evil. The following are the only reasons to run: You’re being chased by a monster (and we all know that monsters don’t exist). You’re running to answer the phone (but then again, the machine can just get it). There’s a 90% off shoe sale (okay, now that’s a good reason).

    Friends don’t let friends run.

  10. Glad you weren’t disappointed. I really can’t run!

    Of course, lately, I choose not to wii fit, get on the elliptical or move in any fashion.

    So, you are doing so much better! Keep it up.

  11. You too Darcie? I totally fell off the wagon after the EEC. Come to think of it, I am not sure I was ever on it!

    If you care to share that podcast, I would be most appreciative. I am determined to follow through this time!

  12. Good for you! I’m impressed! The weather’s been so lovely too – perfect for running – especially the overcast days. Are you training for another 5K?

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