Ten House Plants That Will Improve Your Home

I have a new love.

A surprising new love at that because–until now–I’d never considered myself the type.

Too much work–I’d always believed.  Not enough reward.

But then I read something that changed my mind–changed that “not enough reward” bit.

Turns out, there are benefits.

To what, you ask?  To houseplants.

Who knew?

It’s true though.  Check this out:

  • they disperse airborne toxins
  • they decrease dust and mold particles
  • they increase creativity (which is HUGE considering I’m working on my second novel)
  • they boost energy (which is equally HUGE considering I’m the mother of four)
  • they reduce stress
  • they also have a positive effect on Feng Shui if you buy that sorta thing (which I don’t–for the record)

Those were reason enough for me to invest in my very own house plants this past weekend.  And now that they’ve been placed into a formerly desolate corner of the living room, I’m actually quite fond of them.

Before I purchased them, though, I did scour the internet for recommendations as to which species of plants would go furthest in boosting our air quality.  Here are ten plants you might consider:

  1. Janet Craig
  2. Sweet Chico
  3. Kentia Palm
  4. Philodendron
  5. Golden Pothos
  6. English Ivy
  7. Spider Plants
  8. Snake Plants
  9. Peace Lilly
  10. African Violet

I had no idea I was the house plant type.  Turns out I am; I’m on the lookout for more greenery this weekend.

Two thing to remember though: don’t water your house plants with softened water because the salt can mess with sodium levels and cause your greens to die a slow and painful death; and to positively affect the air in an 1800 sq. ft. house you would need 15-20 plants.

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20 Replies to “Ten House Plants That Will Improve Your Home”

  1. Thank you so much for the list! I’ve been looking for houseplants that would benefit the environment inside our home. And I love how you just broke it all down for me. I’m pretty much a serial killer when it comes to plants, but I’m excited to give it another go round. And this time, I plan on keeping them alive no matter what it takes. I’ll set up a plant ER right in the garage if need be. Thanks!

  2. -oooh, second one already!
    -did you check to see if any of the plants are poisonous? I had to get rid of all of ours because Catie (though plenty old enough to know better) kept gnawing on them – blech!)
    -how many did you buy??? I couldn’t keep up with enough to change the air in this house – that’s a lot of plants!

  3. Great post! I’m starting to get inspired – it’s scary. Haven’t had a lot of success in the past, but maybe it’s due to the soft water. Thanks for the tip!

  4. This is inspiring me to go get more plants. We only have a handful in our home, and a few of them actually died this winter (we have no idea why!). Thanks for the list…I’m gonna print it out and take it with me to the nursery!

  5. Thank you for this tip. I can never figure out where to buy houseplants though. Lately I’ve just been asking friends for slips but I would like some particular ones. Any ideas?

  6. I have never been into house plants either. I think we had so many growing up and they always seemed so messy and hippyish……I’ll have to take a look next time I’m out and see if they seem cute now!

  7. Very interesting! I have a brown thumb – I even killed a cactus once! That, combined with 3 cats, does not make live plants a good choice for me!

  8. Good for you! The only bad thing about them is getting someone to water them while you’re away.

  9. Peace lily, my favorite…I have 3 since I moved here, a little over a year ago and they are amazing and blooming again…they kinda will even say to you ” I am a little thirsty ” you just have to listen

  10. What a great list. I am always on the look out for more plants to help clean the air around here, but our house gets very little sunshine, so they frequently don’t live long.

  11. Good for you for taking on this new endeavor and so happy to hear book TWO is in the works!
    I must confess that I’m quite the plant killer. Every time I bring home a plant my husband groans. He knows it’s going to die. And it always does. Would love to hear how much work it takes to keep these new lovely plants alive. The benefits are almost enticing enough for me to give it another try!

  12. Hey Darcie– spent some time this morning catching up on you via your blog. Found this post through WFMW and was like “Darcie!” So then I came here and read your posts for several pages worth. You are a great writer. Truly. Keep up the good work. I still think you should come to She Speaks. Just sayin.

  13. The plants you listed are all common names. For instance Janet Craig is not a plant but a named variety of the plant family Dracena. Common names are ok but it is important to include at least part of the proper name. Google Janet Craig and you are more apt to get the addreess of a neighbor than the house plant….

  14. A word of caution about the ‘spider plant’ They are not necessarily pet friendly. There are a few types out there that people refer to as “Spider Plant”. The spider plant actually produces a chemical that works similar to an opiate to a pet. In low doses this may not be a problem, but large doses or extended munching can cause problems.

    With any plant accessible to your pets, check the SPCA website and/or consult a vet. Then, watch your pet to see if they leave it alone. I manage to keep some of these plants away from my pets through the use of red pepper sprinkled around the containers.

    Read More About Spider Plant :

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