Will be


I paid some $17 for the dress I would get married in. It was left over from prom. Periwinkle blue. Clearance. We had reserved this quaint courtyard at a resort here in the desert. Picture a luminary-lined, low adobe wall. Starlit sky above.  Flagstone beneath our feet. Warm desert air after sunset. There was to be music and wine—just a handful of people who mattered most to us. But the stubborn caboose of a monsoon storm fell all the day long and threatened disaster. There was a last minute move to a patio that looked over the city night skyline. […]

Some days


I do this Jillian Michael’s workout DVD and at the end of one of the workouts she says, “I feel broken. I feel really broken.” When she says it, she’s saying it in regard to exhaustion and I guess in a way that’s how I mean it today, too. I have this picture that lives right on the tip of my memory. It was the middle of the night and I opened my eyes and there were metal rails on my bed and a bassinet right there beside. She was wide awake, wrapped up tight in pastel stripes. Big blue-grey […]

8 Disney souvenirs you don’t want to leave without

8 Disney souvenirs you won't want to leave without | Such the Spot

As you might imagine, I’ve answered a few questions related to Disney travel. The three most common ones I recall are: When is the best time to visit? What should I do to celebrate a birthday? What are the best souvenirs? Or How much should I budget for souvenirs? During my last trip, I did a little bit of prep work to be able to write a post about that third question. And here’s why: if you’ve ever attended Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ve no doubt seen the vendors who walk up and down the aisles with assorted glow […]

the churched: seeking shades of gray in a black & white world

the churched: seeking shades of gray in a black and white world

Back in April, Jeff and I left the church we’d been attending for five years. Our quite sudden departure was the result of one very troubling and specific incident that left us completely doubting the genuineness of that church’s pastor. For many people, the incident we encountered would have been enough to cause them to walk away from religious services of any and every kind–it was bad. I had to dig really deep to find a little spark of faith left burning in me. Not faith in God; that, thankfully, is one of those inalienable truths in my soul. But […]