Roots and wings

TorriIt’s been over a month since with one ticket round-trip and and the other one-way I got on a plane with her and we flew to Florida.  We shopped and we ate ice cream.  We bought toilet paper and sponges for her first apartment.  And then I stood outside on a curb and  while I squeezed her I opened my eyes to memorize every color of that most impossible goodbye.

I went back to the hotel alone and I let the phone go unanswered in favor of sobbing until my eyes swelled and throbbed.  My mom texted: You okay?  I answered: I will be.  And then I woke up in the middle of the night with what I now know were hives.  Worry manifested.

A friend came by today and she said to me I’ve been thinking about you.  Her kids are at camp and she misses them and so she thought of me and my most impossible goodbye.

It really was impossible.

But there she is and here I am and this is where we are and it’s surprisingly fine.

On her first day of preschool, there was a little blonde boy with curls who cried and clung to his mom–wouldn’t let her go.  Mine, meanwhile, shrugged and waved a shy goodbye.  Roots and wings, I told myself as I got in the car that day and drove home to play the waiting game.

I still tell myself.  Roots and wings.  And prayer.

and maybe also a little pink can of key-chain pepper spray tucked safely in her purse.

Family Travel :: Boston


Visiting Boston has been on my travel wish list for a long time.  Jayce and I recently had the opportunity to tag along on a business trip with Jeff.  While the big guy was spending his days in business meetings, the little guy and I were off exploring the city.  We had a great time!  Here is a glimpse at what we did. Day 1: Boston Public Garden On our first day in the city, we visited Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.  Boston Common wasn’t terribly exciting, but the Public Garden was gorgeous.  Coming from the desert, we […]

Asparagus scramble with bacon & goat cheese

Asparagus scramble with bacon & goat cheese | Such the Spot

I don’t know about you, but on the rare occasions that we go out to breakfast, I’m all about ordering something savory.  Don’t get me wrong; I love pancakes, french toast and waffles every bit as much as the next girl.  But those things are so easy to make at home.  If I’m going to pay to have somebody cook for me, I want to be wowed by something creative or complicated. I recently tagged along with my husband on a business trip to Boston.  The day before we were to fly home, we stayed a night in New Hampshire […]

Where to find the best salads at Walt Disney World

Disney salads4 (1 of 1)

I’ve got Disney on the brain.  I know what you’re thinking: what else is new?  Besides the fact that I recently returned from another trip, I have good reason to have Disney on the brain.  Tomorrow I will be getting up bright and early (so early that it will actually be dark and early, in fact) to drive to Phoenix for the Disney Social Media Moms on the Road Celebration.  I’ve never been to one of these events but I can assure you that it promises to be seriously fun stuff. Since I’ve got Disney on my mind, I thought […]

Story in its bones

Vail, Arizona photography

I’ve been looking–eyes scouring the hillsides during our desert drives.  I keep hoping to find a secret place where the light falls like stardust.  A clearing or a rock ledge or a tattered old wall with a story in its bones. There have been treasures: fallen trees perfect for climbing. And for resting. We’ve found sticks without thorns.  You’d never believe they’re from Arizona trees. We venture together to places so perfect for doing the things that boys do.  He’s busy climbing and jumping and swinging from branches; seldom do I find his eyes. But when I do–there’s magic inside.