Gift ideas for boys 8-10 years old

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Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot

Gift giving can be tough, right?  Especially when the recipient falls outside the norm of our typical gift giving.  The mom of three girls, for example, might have a tough time picking out a birthday present for her eight-year-old nephew.  Having recently celebrated my son’s 8th birthday, I’ve become quite familiar with some great gift ideas for boys that age.  My son personally owns each of these items and has found hours of entertainment in them.

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set – This is the perfect age to get the little guy in your life a magic set and Melissa & Doug have a great (solid wood) one priced right around $30.  It includes ten classic tricks which will keep young illusionists busy for a long time.

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot2. Sbyke – Is it a skateboard, a scooter or a bike?  It’s all three rolled into one!  This riding toy has been a huge hit with my son.  It takes some practice to master riding it; there is definitely coordination and balance involved.  My son picked it up very quickly and now considers this one of the best toys he’s ever had.  It’s a pricey gift for sure (around $215), but a fun one!

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot3. Perplexus – As a mom, I love this game because there are no batteries or loud, obnoxious noises involved.  It’s a marble/maze game that is “easy to play but hard to master.”  Priced right around $20, it’s affordable, too!

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot4.  Classic football – Nothing says boy like a classic football, right?  I love this particular one because it’s junior-sized, meant for smaller hands. $15

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot5. Percy Jackson Series – My eight-year-old is a voracious reader.  He has nearly completed the Harry Potter books, whizzing through each book in three days or so.  My sister-in-law bought him this series for his birthday and he’s looking forward to starting it as soon as he finishes Harry Potter. $25

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot6. Magic Science – Given his affinity for both magic tricks and the Harry Potter books, my mother-in-law thought my son would enjoy this magic science kit (for wizards only!) and she was right.  The kit includes nine science-based experiments that have a bit of a magical feel to them.  Totally worth the $15.

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot7 . Mini Block Rocker (portable Bluetooth speaker) – We picked this up at Costco for $30 because my son begged and pleaded for a Bluetooth speaker for months.  He loves the ability to play his own music (semi) loud in his room while he makes his bed or cleans up his toys.

Awesome (screen free!) gift ideas for 8-10 year-old boys | Such the Spot8. Zing Air Hunter Z Curve Bow – Think archery, but safer.  This bow and “arrow” kit has been a lot of fun for our son.  Some of the “arrows” have suction cups so that he can shoot them to the window and they stick while others bounce off of the target.  It’s mostly harmless (no aiming at the dog!) but reminiscent of archery and equals big fun for little guys.

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