Easy & Quick S'mores Popcorn Snack

S’mores popcorn

Some things in this life go hand-in-hand, don’t you agree? For instance: peanut butter & jelly Mickey & Minnie hugs & kisses You might not know it, but like the aforementioned examples, popcorn has a natural counterpart. And no, it’s not that nasty movie theater butter imposter. It’s chocolate. Popcorn & chocolate are a match made in, well, a match made in the most clever of kitchens for sure. I recently thought I’d take it … Continue reading S’mores popcorn

Rosemary beet margarita -- SO good paired with goat cheese!

Rosemary beet margarita

Sometimes I wish there was a tiny drummer man that lived within your screen and–on cue–he’d play a drumroll. If such a little drummer man did indeed exist, now is one of the times I’d cue him. Because if ever there was a margarita worthy of a drumroll, this one would be. Jeff and I are so proud of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present February’s margarita of the month: the rosemary beet. This was a true … Continue reading Rosemary beet margarita

Pinewood Derby

Losing Cars

Lined up wheel to wheel on a shelf in his room are the Pinewood Derby cars of years gone by. You can see a progression in them–from the big and boxy shark car to the Batmobile we broke down and finally bought last year.  There’s a handful of stages scattered amongst those cars. Within the span of them things have been outgrown and lost: a brand new fleece he wore only once. The cutest speech impairment I’ve ever … Continue reading Losing Cars

Mexican potato casserole stack - the ultimate Mexican comfort food!

Mexican potato casserole stack

Several months ago I developed a new dinner recipe. It’s (surprise!) a Mexican-inspired casserole made with ground turkey, potatoes and plenty of cheese. We’re talking comfort food at it’s finest here, friends. It took me about three tries to get the recipe perfected but it took me even more tries than that to get a decent picture. I guess it’s just not the most appetizing looking meal. Believe me when I tell you, though, that … Continue reading Mexican potato casserole stack

artisan cheese board

Paso Robles dining :: 5 must-try menu items

Special thanks to TravelPaso for hosting our stay and dining experiences. During our recent visit to Paso Robles, we had the opportunity to dine at some of the area’s best restaurants–from fast casual to gourmet–and I’m here today to share an inside glimpse at Paso’s culinary scene. But rather than wax poetic about every last detail, I’m instead opting to share my picks for the five menu items you’ve simply got to try the next time … Continue reading Paso Robles dining :: 5 must-try menu items

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