What to wear to Disney :: outfit inspiration for each WDW park

What to wear to Disney

It’s Travel Tuesday here on the Spot. I thought I’d change it up a bit by offering a little something different for this week’s travel post. Namely? I’m sharing some fashion inspiration for one of my favorite vacation destinations. C’mon. You guys know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Yep. You guessed it. We’re talking Disney parks. I adopted the task of creating one outfit that would be perfect for each of Disney’s four … Continue reading What to wear to Disney

Gold glitter Peter Pan and Wendy silhouettes

Gold glitter Peter Pan and Wendy framed silhouettes

Last weekend, my daughter came home for a short visit. While she was here, we threw her a Neverland themed baby shower. The theme was fitting, considering that she spent a semester working as a Tinkerbell character performer in the Disney College Program. I will have more pictures to share from the shower soon, but in the meantime, I’m here today to share a glimpse at one of the decorations we made to add a bit of … Continue reading Gold glitter Peter Pan and Wendy framed silhouettes

Quick cinnamon buns with buttermilk icing

Quick cinnamon buns with buttermilk icing

Around these parts, I make homemade yeast cinnamon rolls at least twice each year. The process is fairly long and complicated and must be started the day before we want to enjoy the cinnamon rolls. The effort is definitely worth it; my homemade wheat cinnamon rolls are soft and sweet and delicious when I have the time and energy to go to the trouble. Sometimes, though, I want to treat my family to a similar … Continue reading Quick cinnamon buns with buttermilk icing

jayce tooth incident

Can you spot it?

Let’s play a little game, shall we? For this game, I’m going to show you a picture and you’re going to tell me what’s wrong with it. Are you ready? Here we go. Can you spot it? No? Maybe you need a comparison.

Thoughts on becoming a mother

High risk

When I was sixteen and pregnant they said I was high risk. My age, I guess. And then there was the fact that I didn’t put on as much weight as they would have liked. It led to frequent ultrasounds and appointments during which they’d hook monitors up to my belly and inspect the printout that read like a seismogram.  The risk was in losing something–someone–I hadn’t yet known. High risk, they said. I had no … Continue reading High risk

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