Best Restaurants for Families

During a recent ten-night trip, my family had the opportunity to travel through several states. Because we opted for standard hotel accommodations, we were left without the means to prepare meals and we did a lot of eating out. If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know that I am not a fast-food type of girl. When dining out with the whole gang, my preference is for casual, family-friendly restaurants that offer an upscale … Continue reading Best Restaurants for Families

This is 37

This is 37

On the eve of his birthday, I always tell Jayce that I’m going to miss him. I’ve been doing it since he was teensy. I’m going to miss you so much because I’m never going to see my three-year-old snuggly bear again. But I’m excited to meet my four-year-old snuggly bear. This morning–before he left for work–Jeff took a page out of my book when he hugged me goodbye. I’m going to miss my 37-year-old … Continue reading This is 37

Pumpkin cream cheese pastry pinwheels

Pumpkin cream cheese pinwheel pastries

Confession: weekend breakfasts around these parts are an indulgence. We reserve healthy things like yogurt and steel-cut oats for weekdays while we savor delicious treats like fluffy pumpkin pancakes with maple cream cheese syrup and toasted pecans on lazy weekend mornings. Makes you want to come sleep over next Friday night, doesn’t it? I don’t blame you. This past weekend, I made pumpkin cream cheese pinwheel pastries and let’s just say nobody hated me for … Continue reading Pumpkin cream cheese pinwheel pastries

C.S. Lewis quote | Aslan quote | Chronicles of Narnia

My story

When she was new they kept her in the hospital NICU for seven days. Back then–back before our story filled even a single page–I couldn’t see past the hurdle of simply bringing her home. Of having her near. Like champs, though, we cleared that hurdle and only then did I look up and see countless more stacked so close I wondered how I’d have time to come up for air in between. There are days … Continue reading My story

Building a child's faith through a monthly subscription box Buddy Box

Teaching Kids Bible Lessons with a Buddy Box Subscription

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Lifetree, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #growkidsfaith My family has a unique way of doing church. We “attend” every Sunday morning in our pajamas from the comfort of our living room. It’s definitely not ideal; we’d rather be in fellowship with a real, live body of believers. Since we have a cross-country relocation right around … Continue reading Teaching Kids Bible Lessons with a Buddy Box Subscription

Framing construction2-2

Construction Progress

Having just returned from a trip to our new home state, I can honestly tell you that I’m in love with a place. That place, oddly enough, is Alabama. I don’t mean to diss on Alabama. It’s just that my affinity for it comes as quite a surprise to me. Jeff and I have lived in Tucson for over eleven years now. Tucson has its perks. Take for instance the sunsets here. I’ve never seen … Continue reading Construction Progress

Newborn photography Darcie Maranich

Wild and Precious

A few months ago I stood in a room and watched my granddaughter make her way into the world. It was the single most stunning event I’ve ever witnessed. In the days that followed, I picked up my camera in an effort to freeze-frame a few of the wild and precious moments of new life.  I’m sharing them today because, well, because she’s absolutely beautiful and I want the world to see.

Disney on Ice Frozen Tucson Giveaway

Disney on Ice presents Frozen in Tucson :: giveaway

This post is sponsored. I was compensated for publishing this post and hosting this giveaway. When we visit a Disney destination, a certain member of our household {ahem, Cassidy} goes nuts for any and all things related to Frozen. Given her fandom, I suspect she’d be insanely excited to know that Disney on Ice is bringing Frozen to life in nine performances that will take place here in Tucson in just a few weeks. Such … Continue reading Disney on Ice presents Frozen in Tucson :: giveaway

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