Open letter to my grandma

Open letter to my grandma

This being the week leading up to Mother’s Day, I decided to spend it focusing on the mothers in my life. I only have one that I call my own, but there are several other mothers who matter to me. I think it’s fitting to start at the tippy top, so today I’m honoring my grandma. She is–always has been–a spitfire of a woman, a tangle of spunk poured into a teeny little frame (I … Continue reading Open letter to my grandma

Great ideas for staging a home for quick sale

5 vignettes every perfectly-staged house needs

When we decided to list our house for sale I turned to Pinterest in hopes of finding some great tips. The good news is that my search was successful. The bad news is that actually implementing all of those great ideas has taken–and still is taking–a ginormous amount of work. Here are some of the tips I found that we’ve utilized in preparing to put our house on the market: In an effort to make … Continue reading 5 vignettes every perfectly-staged house needs

chocolate pistachio pudding stack1

Chocolate pistachio pudding stack

A couple of months ago I was perusing The Pinterest when I came across a dessert photo that immediately stopped me in my scrolling. Judging strictly by appearances, it had everything that is good in the world of sweets: a stand-up crust, layers of flavor and plenty of whipped cream. It was a recipe from Jo Cooks and it was called–my apologies to the bashful amongst us–“sex in a pan.” I clicked through to find … Continue reading Chocolate pistachio pudding stack

How to create a "staging binder" to help sell your home fast

How to create a “staging binder” to help sell your home

As most of you know, my husband, Jeff, has accepted a position with his current company that will require us to move clear across the country–from the dusty desert of Arizona to “Rocket City” (aka Huntsville), Alabama. Thankfully, we have been given ample time to prepare for and execute our relocation. I wish I could say that our timeframe has resulted in a stress-free relocation but alas, it isn’t so. With the sale of a … Continue reading How to create a “staging binder” to help sell your home

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